QRP to 30-35W HF Packer Amp Version 4 Rev 5 now standard with Band Position LED indicators

HF Packer-Amp Version 4 Rev 6
HF Packer-Amp Version 4 Rev 6

Product Description

A Home Construction project for the Radio Amateur. All quality parts supplied with a comprehensive construction manual on-line. This project includes a heavy duty finished case and all internal parts. No drilling or case fabrication required. We want you to have a positive building experience. A support web site and Yahoo Group plus personal emails are included.

This home construction project includes all circuit boards and parts. It is supplied with a finished case. The finished case is fabricated black powder coated and silk screened. The heat sink is drilled and tapped. Assembly consists of a class AB1 linear amplifier circuit board with two IRF510 MOSFETs attached to a heat sink, a RF activated Power Supply module is integral to the amp and boosts 12 to 29.5VDC at 5A maximum. The module is very low standby current of about 50mA and about 12V 6A average on voice peaks. The amplifier will provide full output on as little as 8VDC input making it very tolerant to battery operation. The finished case adds value to your project. The band position is indicated by LED for positive feedback on band position.

The amp is very popular with the FT-817 transceiver and is set up to deliver full output power with 5W RF input. The amp is RF switched or PTT from the transceiver. This amplifier is fully filtered by a Low Pass Filter module, a manually selected low-pass filter covering 160 to 10M (including 60 meters). You are required to wind toroids and assemble the easy to build filter module. All low pass filter module caps are 5% 500V dip mica style capacitors. A wound set of inductors are available as an option.

The circuit boards are 4th generation, all double sided professional quality circuit boards with silk screen and solder mask. The parts are all first rate quality. You must be a licensed radio amateur to purchase this home construction project. Over 1000 of these amps have been supplied over the past 10 years. It takes about 10-12 hours to build this project. This project is available world wide. Read the reviews at eham.net for more information. This is a great back packing amp and works CW, SSB or PSK.

A LED 6-band indicator module (see picture)is standard. Options include a fabricated cable set, a set of wound inductors for the low pass filter module and wound inductors set pre-installed on the amp module is available to lower the skill level for the project. A Add-In Option to allow user selection of 1W, 2.5W or 5W full-scale input is available. The default RF Full Scale is 5W. The option modules are fabricated for you from your parts bags.

You can build your amp to have a custom full scale input for 2.5 and 1W from our HF PackerAmp V4 Module page where you can order pi-resistive network sets. 5W is standard supplied.

Selection between CW and SSB hang time (post carrier delay) is automatic to match your mode of operation.

Visit the web site for more details: http://site.hfprojectsyahoo.com/hf_packer-amp Eham Reviews: http://www.eham.net/reviews/review/101131

Send an email to vstamps@Comcast.net to get on the list for the next build. No obligation until request for payment sent.